Professor Kazuro Kageyama
Department Chair

Today, as Japan faces changes in its social and economic structures, there is an increasing demand for people with a broad understanding of advanced science and technology, who have training in management and economics and have the ability to view things from a comprehensive perspective.


To meet this need, the interdisciplinary Department of Technology Management for Innovation has been established within the Graduate School of Engineering to undertake new education and research through a fusion of science and technology, management, and economics.


The purpose of this new department is to develop future leaders who will play a central role in promoting creativity and innovative ability. In other words, our programs will train people who have the strong drive, high sense of responsibility, and logical perspective to create an industrial society capable of continuous innovation. The ultimate goal is to be able to produce new industries utilizing cutting-edge science and technology from a multi-dimensional perspective.


We welcome students who are willing to learn about technology and management from a different perspective. We would like to encourage them to aspire to become central figures in industry and government in the drive for innovation.