Looking Ahead to the Future


Increasingly, technological solutions are being applied to the many serious challenges facing the world. These include use of new energy technologies to combat global warming, healthcare technologies to increase longevity and quality of life; foods, transportation, information and communications technologies, materials science and other fields are all being used and promoted to address many of the challenges that face modern society.


Such technologies are also potential sources of economic growth and business competitiveness. Nations and firms that develop some advantage in these areas will be able to both create employment and economic growth.


Given the importance of technologies to modern society, there has never been a more opportune time for professionally trained technology managers to assist and support the management of innovation to help foster the development and exploitation of modern technologies.

Development of Technological Innovation Strategies


Current technology is complex and the culmination of years of work and advanced research, involving a multitude of different actors and agents. A significant amount of time and resources continues to be necessary to improve and exploit technological developments. However, the technology that is truly requisite over coming years will be unlikely to develop without the existence of advanced strategic planning focused squarely on the needs of future generations.


Some of the questions that will characterize how technology will evolve include: How can we induce innovation? What types of innovation are required, and when? Who are the main actors involved in innovation, and how can they be nurtured and supported?


The process for developing new products and improved techonlogies cannot reach their full potential without first establishing a foundation of innovation management and technology strategy.

Envisioned Roles of Graduates


We expect graduates from our programs to excel in the following fields:


- Policy makers or government officials with a conceptual grasp of innovation issues

- Core researchers who lead research with a comprehensive perspective

- System organizers who are able to design and create social systems

- Executive engineers with international business sense

- Activists that use their abilities to give back to society

- Entrepreneurs with exceptional drive and motivation