Admission for International Technology Management Program

1) Application Process and documents
Application process and documents are found here.

[Contact Information]
Any inquiries and all application documents are to be addressed to the Global 30
Program Office at the address below.
The Global 30 Program Office, Office of International Cooperation and Exchange
Graduate School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo
Engineering Building No.8, Room# 161
7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-Ku, Tokyo, 113-8656, Japan
E-mail: global30@t-adm.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp
URL: http://www.global30.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/

2) Selection

  • Those who pass this pre-screening will be offered an interview by the faculty member of the
    Department of Technology Management for Innovation, School of Engineering, The University of
  • Details of the interview arrangements will be informed individually.
  • The final results will be announced by the end of March. Those who will be nominated for a
    scholarship will also be notified at this time.

3) Frequenty Asked Questions
Below are some answers to some of the questions that we regularly receive:

a. Are scores for TOEFL and GRE (General Test) essential?
Yes, scores for both are essential to apply for the program. However, if you are a native speaker of
English then the TOEFL may not be necessary. Please communicate with us individually.

b. Is a score for GRE Subject Test Mathematics also essential?
No, it is not obligatory, but submitting a score for GRE Subject Test Mathematics is strongly

c. Do you have minimum scores for TOEFL, GRE?
No, we undertake a comprehensive assessment of all materials submitted in the Application

d. I have an IELTS score. Is it possible for me to use this instead of a TOEFL score?
No, it is not possible – only a TOEFL score will be accepted.

e. I will not meet the deadline for submitting the necessary scores. What should I do?
To thoroughly and fairly assess your application it is essential for us to receive all relevant scores
before the end of December. If you are not able to submit such scores you will not be considered
for entry.

f. What is the ETS Department Code?
The ETS Department Code is: 8596

g. Do you return the application materials following review?
No, materials are not returned following review.

h. I am currently studying a totally different field, is it possible to be accepted?
Yes, we accept students coming from different disciplinary fields.

i. I have taken the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). Should I send this
If you have such certification you may submit it. However, it is not a necessary requirement.

j. Is it possible to work while participating in the program?
It would be difficult to work and successfully fulfill the requirements of the program. It is not

k. Is this program only for Master students? Is it possible to study for a Ph.D. degree at
your department?
Yes, we also accept Ph.D. students. In this case there is a specific examination for Ph.D. entry.
Please consult the following webpage.